Improving Charge Capture

The health industry uses a lot of terms that you may not be familiar with at first – one of these terms is charge capture. Charge capture is a term that is used all over the health care world, but what is charge capture?

Charge Capture 101

Charge capture is the processed in which health care professionals and providers to ensure that they are paid for any of the services they provide. It’s the system that doctors use to record information and send it to different insurance companies and payers to be reimbursed. Charge capture is highly important, and errors can be costly and time consuming to correct. For this reason, it’s essential that health care providers work to improve charge capture.

Train Employees

Procedures, rules, and terminology change often, which means employees will need to be notified of updates and changes in order to avoid problems. The more educated employees are about the system as well as CPT changes, the more efficiently they can drop or create accurate charges. Employees should also be well trained on bundling as well as unbundling charges if you want to see an improvement in charge capture at your facility.

Document Processes

what is charge capture

Having a clear process for documentation is one of the ways you can greatly improve charge capture. This process can be more or less formalized, depending on your system and daily operations. However, having every employee in a facility be aware of what happens automatically and what needs to be done manually ensures that each charge capture operation is handled properly.

Integrate Technology

The best way to stay on top of your processes and ensure that charges are dropped and captured accurately is to automate your system and integrate smart technology. This technology allows you to manage charge capture on a smart phone or tablet, keeping everything at your fingertips.

Charge capture is an important process that can be greatly improved by training employees, documenting processes clearly, and integrating technology.