Safe as houses. Isn’t that what they always say? Only if it were true. Because, ask yourself this question next. When last did your home enjoy an electrical service washington dc callout, if indeed you ever did before? The point needs to be made. Not asking a question but the statement of mere fact. Better to be safe than sorry. Particularly for domestic property owners, there remains this tendency to utilize electricians only in an emergency.

Commercial business owners on the other hand, know better not to make this mistake in complacency and tardiness. Just a single emergency that results in a power cut-out, and for no longer than an hour (give or take the amount of time it would take the electrician to reach the place of business, do the inspection, and then do the necessary to restore the power) can have quite a damaging effect on the small to medium sized business’s production cycles and, henceforth, its bottom line.

So it goes that commercial business owners will or should always have contingency or backup plans in place. The electrician’s input is vital at this point. It is left to him to mete out proper advice in regard to the more appropriate installation of a backup generator or alternative power source in the event of a sudden electrical default. Homeowners may feel that when a power cut does occur it is nothing more than a couple of hours of inconvenience until the electrician arrives and leaves the premises.

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But in today’s situations, a power cut can have safety and security implications, even on the domestic level. Because what if the power cuts out in the middle of the night and the armed response alarm system is left idle?